Scrap melting and sampling furnaces

At Hornos y Metales S.A., we have designed a complete range of sampling furnaces for scrap metal. These small, low-investment furnaces allow you to quickly melt all types of scrap metal and then extract the chemical composition and metallurgical yields.

These furnaces are of great help for scrap metal dealers, for refineries that produce ingots, aluminum deox, or billets and for any company that needs to melt a metal sample in order to obtain its exact composition.

Depending on the metals to be melted and the speed required, we have several models of furnaces, each one available with various capacities:

Mini-heat: stationary electric crucible furnace for melting aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, bronze, silver and gold scrap

Up to 1,150ºC

Mini-HORCB: gas or diesel oil tilting crucible furnace. Ideal for sampling aluminum or zinc scrap. It also has the ability to melt brass and other copper alloys.

Up to 1,100ºC

HORMU: induction furnace (stationary and tilting options) for melting any type of scrap: aluminum, copper alloys, iron, steel, precious metals, etc …