Stationary Crucible Bale-out furnace

horno de crisol fijo

Gas or oil fired crucible bale out furnaces are used for melting and holding non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass or bronze.
Our crucible furnaces are robustly built and highly energy efficient thanks to a very thick steel structure, top quality refractory, insulating materials and an optimal combustion system

Standard Supply

  • Complete furnace with crucible and bottom plate.
  • Advanced automatic combustion equipment.
  • Control panel with programmable clock


  • Heat recovery system
  • Connection cables
  • Work platform
  • Cleaning tools
  • Replacement Crucible and bottom plate (Foundry Consumable)

Applications in aluminum melting, jewelry, bronze melting, brass melting and any other melting and holding requirements for non-ferrous metals using crucibles

Data for crucible bale-out furnaces for aluminium

HORC1200F1200BU900 H/447045