Dosing Furnace Westomat

horno dosificador

Dosing in gravity & sand casting

  • The Westomat® for gravity and sand casting provides maximum precision, excellent energy efficiency, high melt quality and maximum operating life. Special technical innovations also enable a significant increase in productivity during the manufacturing process.

Technical Data

1.Sizes for all die-casting machines and casting capacities – 450 to 3100 kg.
2.Long refill intervals thanks to the high volume capacity
3.Easy integration in any die casting cell thanks to compact design and compatibility
4.Easy set-up of a casting program with Teach-In
5.Variable casting curve with up to five breakpoints per curve
6.High number of shape saving options
7.Easy adjustment of the casting weight by entering the data with the touch panel – no additional mechanical retooling necessary.
8.Freely programmable logic control (PLC)
9.Continuous dosing cycle even during refilling
10.High quality melt due to oxide-free metal removal below the level of the bath and constant metal temperature all the way to the metal casting chamber
11.Considerable increase in productivity of your casting cell thanks to Top-Stop-Position®
12.Energy-saving through use of high-quality insulating materials
13.Long service life of the refractory materials – many customers achieve more than 20 years.
14.Increase in the melt quality by optional use of the proven purge gas technology