Crucibleless Gas Furnace For Melting And Holding In Separate Zones

horno de fusion
  • Crucibleless.
  • Continuous melting process.
  • Constant disponibility of molten metal.
  • Refractories and isolation material of high quality.
  • Low temperature of the gases and fumes because the charge absorbe part of this heat. In function of the type of charging the performance varies.
  • Automatic charging with direct access to the ramp of fumes exit giving a preheating of the charging.
  • Big exit cavity for extraction of molten metal or by plug.
  • Hydraulic drive cover that allows complete access to the melting zone for maintenance services (cleaning).
  • Temperature control by 2 termocouples; in chamber and in molten metal.
  • Combustion and control equipment KromschRoeder.
  • Automatic temperature regulation.

Technical Data

COMBI8008002006008,03.6002.820/ 1.1003.100/ 950
COMBI12001.20030056010,03.9003.100/ 1.2403.200/ 920
COMBI15001.50045055012,03.9003.100/ 1.2403.200/ 950