Crucibleless Electric Furnace For Molten Aluminum Holding

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The Stotherm furnace guarantee a constant temperature of the metal and presents great ease in operation. Is a very solid and robust furnace.

The installed power is very low, with only 19,5Kw and it is obtained an elevated quality of the metal thanks to the electronic advances and the special refractories of high quality that are used.

The energy consumption is reduced for an aluminum holding to 700/720ºC to only 8-10Kwh.

Technical Data

STO80080019,56 – 105004004501.5802.5579801.425
STO12001.20019,58 – 125005004501.5803.0579801.425
STO20002.00039,010 – 147506906201.5803.1759201.365
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